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The Alliance

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is the leading national knowledge community for funders, consultants, academics, pracademics, government employees, nonprofit leaders and other professionals focused on understanding and developing strategies to increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations and other actors working toward sustainable positive social change and community enrichment.

Using a research to practice platform, we promote evidence-based best practices and encourage the use of measurement, evaluation, and research, whether in the field or by academic institutions, to create a growing understanding of what techniques and practices meaningfully increase the ability of social change and community enrichment organizations to achieve their missions.

The Alliance actively works to create greater connectivity between the various actors essential to successful capacity building and social change. By creating a professional community welcoming to funders, researchers, consultants and nonprofit leaders alike, the Alliance increases the flow of information across subsectors, promotes a wider understanding of best practices, and facilitates system wide advances in the field of capacity building.

We also strive to provide our members with a variety of professional resources and practice development trainings that encourages their development as scholar practitioners, allowing them to better share their expertise, grow their practices, and provide the highest level of service to their clients and communities.

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